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In most states, successfully completing a driver’s education program is a prerequisite for getting a driver’s permit. Without this permit, of course, you cannot get a driver’s license. Consequently, formal driver’s education is the most important step to having the freedom to operate a motor vehicle. Many years ago, driver’s education was part of the high school curriculum. Taking this course was a rite of passage for teenagers itching for their independence. In recent years, however, schools have dropped driver’s education due to budget cuts and other issues. This has forced teens – and their parents – to go looking for acceptable courses that will enable them to get their driver’s license. To fill this need, many driver’s education services have sprung up over the years. But teenagers and new motorists aren’t the only customers for these companies.

When an insurance company makes determinations with respect to rates, it looks at a number of factors. Criteria that is less important, although still significant, include the make and model of the car you drive, how it is used, and your auto insurance history. Of course, what you choose, with respect to coverage and your deductible, will also impact the cost. However, your age, gender, marital status, driving record, and place of residence carry more weight on what you’ll eventually pay.